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Routes Final price per way from Seats available during the promotion 
Bogotá-Medellín $65,000 200
Medellín-Bogotá $65,000 200
Bogotá-Pereira $79,520 200
Pereira-Bogotá $80,120 200
Bucaramanga-Bogotá $84,519 200
Bogotá-Bucaramanga $84,519 200
Bogotá-Montería $75,000 200
Montería-Bogotá $74,999 200
Medellín-Montería $79,520 200
Montería-Medellín $70,000 200
Bogotá-cartagena $69,570 200
Cartagena-Bogotá $70,169 200
Medellín-Cartagena $65,000 200
Cartagena-Medellín $65,000 200
Bogotá-Santa Marta $73,570 200
Santa Marta-Bogotá $73,570 200
Medellín-Santa Marta $83,570 200
Santa Marta-Medellín $83,570 200
Cartagena-Pereira $90,119 200
Pereira-Cartagena $89,520 200
San Andrés-Bogotá $98,600 200
Bogotá- San Andrés $98,000 200
San Andrés-Cartagena $88,000 200
Cartagena-San Andrés $88,600 200

Terms and conditions

  • Operated by FAST COLOMBIA S.A.S
  • Only for direct flights.
  • Applicable to purchases made between September 7th of 2018 and September 23rd of 2018, from 11:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. local time in Colombia. Date to start the trip,  September 10th of 2018, deadline to complete the trip, March 30th of 2018
  • Not applicable to holidays and high-demand dates:, from 14th of September to 25th of September, 5th of October to 16th of October,  November 2nd  of 2018 to November 6th of 2018, from November 9th of 2018 to November 13th of 2018, from December 1st of 2018 to January 15th of 2019, from March 22th of 2018 to March 26th of 2019.
  • Applicable only to the above routes. 
  • Stock: 4800
  • The amount "Final price trip from" includes a base fare, V.A.T (except San Andres), the administrative fee, the airport tax (airport tax varies according to the airports of the route) and surcharges
  • The right to bring a personal item of 10 kg and 40x35x25 cm is included, any additional service should be purchased.  
  • These amounts apply only to this promotion. 
  • Promotional fares are non-refundable. 
  • Not applicable to groups. 
  • In case of making a one-way trip change, the allowed personal item shall be that of the new one way trip selected. 
  • If there is a fare difference on the additional services, it shall be assumed by the passenger. 
  • For our additional service charges and specifications, click here.
  • Pursuant to the provisions of the Colombian Law 679 of 2001 and Law 1336 of 2009, please be advised that sexual exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and any other forms of child sexual abuse in Colombia are criminally and administratively punishable, in accordance with current laws
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